Video SEO Guide: Optimization Tips & Tricks To Improve Youtube Ranking

Define SEO for videos

SEO for your video’s content on youtube is one of the most important and least implemented by businesses. Youtube is the second most popular site after Google and it should not be treated like any other social media channel considering the second-highest traffic youtube attracts worldwide.

When it comes to SEO for videos the optimization of videos is the key and not the number of Video postings. The success of your youtube channel lies in how well you have defined and implemented your optimization process.

Let’s understand the Youtube SEO key elements to ensure you get your videos on top of youtube or google search for your desired keywords;

1. Strategic Keyword research and selection for your Video Content on Youtube


a. Youtube Suggests

The great thing about youtube suggests is that it only suggests popular keywords. This means that these suggestions make great keywords to optimize your videos around.

b. Extension/Tool

Competitor’s Tags and Advanced Keyword research using Tube Buddy chrome Extension


c. VidlQ Keyword Search & YT Cockpit

VidlQ and Cockpit are two new age keyword and topic research tools highly recommended for youtube videos. These tools show you basic information for each keyword suggestion like search volume, Keyword score, CPC & more.

d. YouTube Studio Stats

Explore the keywords/queries by visitors in Youtube studio analytics. Find the searches in Youtube studio > Analytics > Reach > Traffic Source: Youtube search Image


Optimize an Existing Video Around That Keyword - If your video ranks for a keyword, but is not well optimized. Optimize your video for that keyword with on-page video SEO & you can rank on top of search results.

Tip #2

Create a New Video For That Keyword

2. Create high ranking videos by keeping the following factors intact

a. Session Time

This is a new vital metric by Youtube for ranking on top of the YouTube search. The amount of time viewers stays on youTube after watching your content is termed as session time and better sessions will help you rank better.

  • Create playlists
  • Include the link to other videos & your channel from each video at the end.

Watch Time

Total Watch Time is the no 1 ranking factor on YouTube. TWT is the amount of watch time your video acquires. Tips to enhance Total watch time are the following; Image

  • Create a long duration video as it is evident YouTube ranks long duration videos on top of YouTube search.
  • Create videos that maximize audience retention.

Audience Retention

Audience Retention is another high ranking factor on YouTube. Retention is the percentage amount of your video watched by users. The first 15 seconds play a crucial role in retaining the viewer. Looks for peaks and valleys to analyze the portion of your video to optimize further to maximize retention. Ensure pattern interrupts to make the video more engaging and generate a freshness in the minds of viewers keeping them glued to your video.




The high user engagement metric such as like, comment, share, subscribe, and add to the playlist is a clear indication for youTube to decide on the ranking for videos. Asking viewers to subscribe, share, comment, and like helps in enhancing engagement. A clear CTA will trigger the desired engagement and replying to their comments will definitely improve engagement.



If lots of people search for a keyword on YouTube and click on your result video, you will likely get an improvement in your rankings resulting in higher CTR. Following are the ways in which you can boost CTR:

  • Compelling Title: Titles should be compelling enough to attract more clicks. Including the target keyword in your video title is beneficial for video SEO
  • Image
  • High Impact Thumbnails - A thumbnail can make or break the success of your video. So be sure to create a custom thumbnail that stands out.
  • Attention-Grabbing Description - Your first 125 characters should make someone click on your result because YouTube shows that part of your description in search results.

3. Video Optimization tips

With publishing an awesome piece of content, you also need to optimize your video around keywords that people use on YouTube & Google.

a. Title

Optimize your videos around your relevant keywords as per keyword research. Include your focus keyword in the title to increase the click-through rate.

b. Description


A nice elaborated description helps in getting your video featured in suggested videos by YouTube due to a deeper understanding of the subject.

c. Tags

Mention focus keywords in your videos

d. Transcript

When YouTube hears you say your target keyword in your video, it helps them understand that your video is about that keyword & thus enhances CTR.

e. Video Schema


Google and Bing both support Video Schema markup. You can still add markups to that embedded video, increasing its visibility and chance of connecting with people. Here are a few parameters that you should mention in schema: Name, description, duration, transcript, uploaddate, thumbnail, url. You can generate video schema easily with the help of Merkle schema generator tool. Google has a tool designed for testing your schema before you roll it out

4. Channel Authority

Videos posted on a channel with a lot of authority and a strong community will rank higher than the same video on a new channel. Here’s how you can build up your channel’s authority.

a. Channel Brand Story & Header

Include your channel’s logo & Tagline that defines your brand story.

b. Playlist

Your playlists should represent what your channel is all about.

c. Subscribers

The more subscribers you have, the better your videos will be on YouTube. To get more subscribers:

  • Channel Trailer: It is your channel’s pitch. With this you can easily convey to your subscribers - Who are you? | Why should I care? | What makes your channel unique? | Why should I subscribe?
  • Ask people to subscribe at the end of each video
  • Link to your channel from your website

5. Video Promotion Tips

a. Populate your videos using email campaigns and social media posts.


b. Integrate video on your blogs

c. Promote on forums, Q&A, and High DA sites.


Final Thoughts:

Youtube provides a level playing field for all businesses irrespective of their size and bandwidth. It is the best platform for zero cost online marketing and businesses can leverage this platform to grow their online presence organically. YouTube is the best medium to showcase your online presence and become a thought leader in your segment attracting unlimited opportunities.

Implement these strategies and techniques suggested in this blog and transform your digital presence to meet desired brand presence, generate leads, and long-lasting impact on your target audience.