Ecommerce Personalization

As an E-commerce PPC management agency in Toronto Canada with 8+ years of experience, we’re a trusted choice for your business who are looking for 10X Growth rate. We have an Intent-Based Marketing approach that combines audience attributes like demographics, affinities and purchase behavior, with consumer intent to create a High Performance Campaign Strategy.

We approach PPC shopping campaigns with advanced strategies and techniques for high ROI. The way that a shopping campaign is structured can make a very large difference in the performance. We Discover, Target & personalize experiences for different sets of customer segments & use artificial intelligence to match between the right experience & the right audience segment.

Onsite Product Recommendations

Analyzing the unique browsing and buying behavior of the visitors to your store & Displaying the most relevant products across the site in order to make their shopping journey more personal and more inspiring.

Onsite Pop-ups

The majority of online sales are lost due to undecided, hesitant buyers. We Reduce site abandonment and increase customer conversion and email capture by using limited-time special offers and one-time discounts – all leveraged through Pop-ups

Personalized Emails

We run goal based Email Campaigns recommending highly relevant products via dynamic content across a variety of transactional emails: such as order confirmation emails, abandoned cart emails to help convert indecisive customers, and “We Miss You” emails to re-engage customers who have not visited your online store in some time.

In-Store Personalization

Increase shopping engagement and omnichannel personalization by leveraging both in-store and onsite data.

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